BitcoinLiza Token

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The First globally distributed, faux-BitcoinLiza (Liza) token that can be transferred between wallets, and with the bonus that you know the total token count.

No invest box included.

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1.0 Smart Contract


Click about and you can see the source code, too. Or just click the link below.

1.1 Source Code

Source Code Etherscan

Source Code Github

1.2 Total Tokens (no more minting .. ever)

1,000,000,000 LIZA (1 billion tokens)

1.3 Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Liza prices are below:

Liza Total
10,000 0.25
50,000 0.55
100,000 1.0

To own Liza, simply send the desired amount of ETH to the address below.


Please note:

1.4 Adding Liza to your wallet

Adding Liza to your ETH wallet is simple. But use myetherwallet, as it it very simple. Do not use an exchange address or you lose all your Lizas.

Back up your wallet at myetherwallet.

Next open it, and on the right you will see:

enter image description here

Click “AddCustom Token.”

Three text boxes will appear.

This is the information you need:

1. Box 1 (Contract Address)


2. Box 2 (Token Symbol)


3. Box 3 (Number of Decimals)


Then press “save”

Liza is now added to your myetherwallet. You can see it by clicking on the main wallet’s “Amount to Send” dropdown box. > (It will say “LIZA”).

© The BitcoinLiza (ERC20 version) Developers